Copywriting and Editing

I've developed content for websites, brochures, emails, articles, blogs, and event collateral and led national campaigns. I can assist at the beginning of a project or pushing it through to completion.

Website content development and management

I've led the launch of several multi-million dollar websites and can help whether you need a content producer or someone to manage the whole process. Take a peek at the current site I oversee.

Digital and Content marketing strategy

Content marketing informs, entertains, and inspires people to love your brand. I'll help you develop a strategy or produce relevant content to meet your goals. 

Content vision and branding

I'll help define your brand promise, outline a message tree, and then recommend the best ways to communicate your value proposition.

Executive writing

Enlist me to learn your voice and take a load off of your plate while I write your speeches, memos, presentations, and emails.

Technical writing and instructional design

While some writers find technical writing less sexy,  I think making complex information easy to understand is a satisfying challenge.

Business Plan Drafting and Editing

Let me help you craft your business plan so that it best communicates your vision and goals.

Manuscript editing

If you have a book in you, I will help you get it out and into the world.

Writing Workshops

All of our lives are rich with story. Yet, how does one turn the accumulation of thoughts, memories, childhood landscapes, and relationships into compelling narratives? I offer a writing class that provides an introductory tour through the creative non-fiction writing process.


Once you've identified your needs, I'll provide you with the following:

  • Project estimate
  • Project plan and milestones
  • Final deliverables

All writers know that sometimes the words flow and sometimes they take time. Thus I prefer to charge by the project rather than by the hour, but will work in whatever way best meets your needs. Check out some of my recent work and what people have to say about working with me