Melanie rewrote some of our key marketing materials. In doing so, she ensured that what we were trying to convey was clear and actionable, which now allows us to easily share our value proposition and offerings with our customers. She’s easy to work with, too!
— Liza Garcia, CEO, Enterprise Communication Services
I have had the privilege of working with Melanie for several years during our time together at the American Academy of Neurology. Melanie Hoffert is and incredibly talented writer and strategist. She doesn’t tell you what to think, instead she challenges you to think and discover what your path forward should be. She will not prescribe from a set template, but she will partner with you to identify your vision and lead you to success. Whether you need support writing, editing, developing a website, defining a marketing strategy or writing a book, Melanie is adaptable and reliable with clients; she will help you excel in the marketing and communications discipline at all levels. I have no doubts that you will be exceptionally pleased if you choose to work with Melanie.
— Mary Post, Executive Director, American Board of Anesthesiologists
As the creative director of Teach For America, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Melanie in multiple capacities- she has been my colleague, manager and copywriting partner.

In her capacity as a copywriter, she is such a strong asset. She has the ability to take the seeds of an idea and visualize it through conception and completion from an early stage with little direction. Her approach is flexible and fluid, giving multiple copy options for each design and editing along the way once the copy is translated into design. This approach ensures the end product is a perfect melding of copy + design. Melanie shares early drafts to keep the process coordinated and avoid any surprises while being extremely open to feedback. Aside from being a creative thinker, she has a deep knowledge of grammar and language style guidance to erase worries about consistencies or errors on a project. Her deep set of experiences truly allows her to understand the creative process and how designers think to be an invaluable partner. Melanie is a thoughtful, positive, and collaborative -working with her always ensures a stronger deliverable in the end.

As a leader and manager, Melanie has the rare ability to condense what feels like a messy, complex problem into a organized and methodical approach. Her critical thinking and solid suggestions are always rooted in strong foundation of insights, reasoning and strategy. She has the ability to think several steps ahead and leverages this to propose complete plans that avoid many land mines or barricades to complete a project. Melanie always remains calm in the face of a challenge and is strong shepherd in a situation with many moving parts and even more players.

— Suzi Speedling, Creative Director, Teach For America
Throughout the seven years I’ve worked with Melanie at Teach For America, I’ve looked up to her as our most effective strategic leader - and I’m not alone! Our team marveled at Melanie’s ability to stay grounded in the big picture, while managing people and processes to deliver work we’re proud of. She has been an integral leader behind our launch of multiple online platforms, the creation of key brand and campaign communications, and transformation of our team into a high-functioning, agile marketing team. Melanie would be a true asset for any organization or individual looking for help with strategy or someone to develop content for any type of project.

— Christina Lozano-Fier, Managing Director, Project Managment Office, Teach For America
I engaged Melanie to read my memoir manuscript (80K words) and provide editing suggestions and an overall critique on its readiness for agents and publication. Melanie returned to me a thorough review of my writing. Even though I had incorporated the suggestions of several beta readers, Melanie’s suggestions were at a professional level. I received not only the benefits of her academic training, but also her experience with the industry as a published author. I believe her insights were invaluable in taking my manuscript to the next level and I highly recommend her services as a necessary step.
— Julie Ethan, St. Paul, MN
Melanie is one of the few leaders I’ve worked with who can cross the bridge from visionary to strategic planning into feasible tactics. She identifies business priorities and walks clients through the most effective strategies to meet your goals. As a marketing strategist skilled in technology, she plays a pivotal role as translator for business and IT professionals.

As a brand leader, Melanie knows how to deliver effective business results that represent the emotional and power of a brand. That marriage is what makes passionate customers become brand advocates—and lifetime supporters.

A professional writer that knows the power of story and the tools of the craft, Melanie brings to life the heart and technical aspects of a writer. Her attention to the story being told and the style of the writer telling the story, make her an ideal editor. She guides an artist through the process of editing rather than dictating.
— Melissa Bear, Mayo Clinic Health Systems
Although I’ve known Melanie for only 2 years, my experience working with her has been nothing short of inspirational. As my manager, I’ve observed Melanie partner across a vast array of individuals from the most technical developers to laymen and clients. I’ve observed her organize, rally and unite individuals towards a common goal and purpose. Managing multiple large teams at once, I often awed at her ability to coach and guide each team from scratch to an independent creative powerhouse, with many winning national awards and all demonstrating data-driven results.

At the foundation of Melanie’s leadership is a listening ear. She is ever observant, constantly probing and empathizing. She prioritizes consistent clear communication across the timeline and ensures individuals and their responsibilities are clear, which left myself and others feeling as if we were setup for success from step one. And, in a fast-paced world filled with deadlines and the next fire drill, she takes the time to acknowledge people’s hard work, write cards, gives praise, and thank them for their contributions. I’ve witnessed how her focus on people living into their identities and their passions has ignited us; technologists, strategists, analysts and marketers to invest in our work as if it were no longer just a job, but a calling; a vocation. I’m proud to say that I look up to her ability to lead and unite people, her achievement orientation, and her ability to execute, for she has made me a better manager.
— Dom Remy, Managing Director of Product Development
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Melanie over the past 7 years as a direct report and teammate, and when she was a senior leader of the Marketing Team at Teach For America. Melanie is an incredible team leader and friend, and the heart and soul of our team. What comes to mind most when I think about her leadership is that she understands how teams work together. Melanie seems to always know exactly when to provide hands-on support where support is needed and when to let a team take ownership over a project and provide timely feedback and guidance. She knows how to create environments where people are free to do what they do best. One of the most impressive skills that Melanie possesses is that she has a knack for hiring talented people who have the right combination of skills and traits to excel together. Melanie is deeply caring about her team members as unique individuals rather than as resources and focuses on how each person can grow in their role and in life. If you have the opportunity to work with Melanie or have her on your team, you should take that opportunity immediately!
— Sim Mendick, Business Analyist
I just wanted to reach out and personally thank you for the excellent class you lead on Saturday at The Loft. I really enjoyed the exercises and especially love the idea of starting with details and building out from there. I can already see this being an important grounding tool for me as I continue my writing. I left the class feeling so inspired (and caffeinated)! It was exactly what I needed to push me deeper into some of the ideas and projects that have been swirling in my mind. Thanks again for the wonderful experience and for igniting excitement in me as I continue my journey as a writer.
— Jenna Neher, Workshop Participant